Our Solutions

Our Solutions

RPA is software that replicates manual processes in an automated, repeatable, and reliable manner. Something your team does every day but isn’t the best use of their time. Think invoice processing or order forms. This can all be done by our software 24/7 and free your team up to do more for your business.

Smart Forms are web-enabled forms that automatically validate user inputs and can even assist users in completing forms. Smart Forms use the power of conversational AI to actively guide users with speech and/or text prompts that explain the required entries and formats, e.g. valid addresses, emails and phone numbers. This approach dramatically improves form completion rates and data capture accuracy. 

Digitise and automate processes that once could only be done by a trained employee. Smart Capture takes information and integrates with your current system. It works in the background to support your team and business processes. Like with invoices, they’re automatically read and key fields extracted for input into your target system. Let Smart Capture automate your most time-consuming tasks, improving efficiency and employee experience.

Smart Engage is an omnichannel booking and patient engagement solution, powered by conversational AI. It provides natural, empathic conversations with intelligent virtual agents through SMS (text), chat, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars. Although the solution is omnichannel, the use of intelligent avatars has been shown to significantly improve patient engagement and booking completion rates, in the order of a 150% improvement over online forms.

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