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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Intelligent Automation builds on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which automates simple, repetitive tasks to free up your team for higher-value work. By integrating AI, it enhances business processes with predictive analytics and decision support.

In addition, our dedicated healthcare solutions, Smart Engage and Neural Insights for Clinic Operations (NICO) focus on enhancing patient engagement and streamlining clinic management. They reflect our committment to using technology to significantly improve healthcare services.

Smart Engage is an omnichannel booking and patient engagement solution, powered by conversational AI. It provides natural, empathic conversations with intelligent virtual agents through SMS (text), chat, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars. Although the solution is omnichannel, the use of intelligent avatars has been shown to significantly improve patient engagement and booking completion rates, in the order of a 150% improvement over online forms.

Neural Insights for Clinic Operations

Neural Insights for Clinic Operations (NICO) combines deep learning and quantum technologies to accurately forecast patient demand and optimise workforce scheduling for efficiency and fairness. The fully automated deep-learning model precisely anticipates patient demand, seamlessly integrating real-time data from your clinic systems. Quantum-optimised workforce scheduling then considers factors such as patient demand, staff availability and preferences, subspecialties, and equipment capacities, all with the objective of maximising service levels whilst minimising costs.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a technology that uses software robots or 'bots' and AI to automate routine, mundane tasks within business processes. These bots can execute actions similar to human interactions, such as logging into applications, copying and pasting data, and performing calculations, across various applications and systems without human intervention. IA is commonly employed in industries like finance, healthcare, and manufacturing to handle rule-based tasks

Intelligent Automation

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