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We take our role as a custodian of your personal health information seriously and know that privacy is an important component of customer and healthcare provider trust in our services.

About Smart Engage 

Smart Engage is a patient booking and communication solution provided by Virtual Blue, in conjunction with your healthcare provider. It allows you to:

  • book medical and diagnostic imaging appointments online.

  • receive communications from your healthcare provider, including booking confirmation and reminders, preparation notes, and patient surveys. 

What information is collected


You’ll need to provide some personal information and contact details to book an appointment. These will either be your details or those of the person you’re completing the booking for (you’ll need to confirm you have their consent to make a booking). We only collect personal information where this is necessary to carry out our appointment booking and related communications.

Information type and why we collect this information

  • First name and last name: To make your appointment and to check if you are already a patient.​

  • Date of birth: To make your appointment and to check if you are already a patient.

  • Mobile phone number: To provide booking reminders and contact details.

  • Email address: To provide booking reminders, preparation notes, patient surveys, and contact details.  


  • Post code: To display the closest clinics to you.

  • Referral form: To provide medical and referrer details for your appointment.

  • Procedure and body part: To make your appointment and to perform statistical analysis.

  • Safety screening questions: To check that the procedure is safe for you.

  • Chosen clinic or medical centre and date and time: To make and confirm your appointment and to perform statistical analysis.

When we share your information

Virtual Blue will only share your personal information with your healthcare provider for the purposes of making an appointment and/or communicating with you. The healthcare provider’s use of your personal information is subject to the provider’s separate privacy policy and not this Privacy Statement. The healthcare provider’s privacy policy can be found on their website. 

Storing and safeguarding your personal information


We store all our data (including your personal information) on a secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We protect our data with all reasonable technical and process controls. The security of health information is important to us and we take all reasonable steps to protect it from loss, misuse or unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. Our security safeguards include:


  • Safe data: All the health information we hold is protected with various layers of security.

  • Safe transmission: We encrypt health information before we share it or only share it over secure network connections.

  • Safe systems: Our systems are protected by complex firewalls that strictly manage access and defend our data and servers.

  • Access controls: We carefully manage both staff and healthcare provider access to our systems and data, using state-of-the-art user validation and access controls.


We only retain your personal information during the time it takes to make the appointment with your healthcare provider. We then securely delete all personal information.

Ask your healthcare provider


The best way to obtain a copy of your personal information relating to your appointment is to ask your healthcare provider, as we send them your information when we make your appointment, but we do not retain it for further use.  

Contacting us about your information


To ask about our privacy practices, please:


  • email us at

  • write to us at Virtual Blue Limited, The Privacy Officer, Level 9, 45 Queen Street Auckland 1010, ‍New Zealand


We may update this privacy statement from time to time, to reflect changes to privacy law or our business operations. This privacy statement was last updated in October 2023.

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