Intelligent Automation Consultancy

We work with you to help define what your digital workforce opportunity could be and to support the design of your transformation journey with our automation consultancy experts.

These are the services that we can offer: identifying where the automation opportunity is; helping you build your business case; supporting you with change management, communications and the establishment of your governance and operating model.

RPA Delivery and Implementation

After identifying your process opportunities and creating your roadmap, we partner with you on the development and implementation of your processes.

This involves the delivery of your agreed automation process roadmap. We offer you the best local and global resources to create quality results through your delivery process as well as using global best practice methodologies adapted for the local market to ensure collaborative and effective project delivery practices.

Production Support and Maintenance

Customised support solutions to suit your business to ensure your new digital workforce is always supported.

Once these automations have been developed and go live, we offer you a support model that will suit what your business needs as well as access to the best local and global technical and business support. This guarantees your robot workforce is completely supported.

Technical Expertise and Software Solutions

Virtual Blue wants to connect your business with the best technical experts in the New Zealand and global market.

There may be a varied number of technical solutions we need to bring in to support your transformation journey. You may need more than one technology and we are the experts in terms of connecting you with the right technical solution at the right time.

Reselling of Global RPA Technologies

We partner with and source the best 3rd party software provider technologies available. Bringing the global elite to New Zealand and building global relationships.

We leverage what they see globally and bring this expertise to our customers, so we can access this international learning.  We also believe in building a local community of customers and users who come together to share learnings to create benefit for all.

Partnered With Global RPA Providers